collection mishmash

autumn winter 19/20


mishmash is a poetic consideration of the relationship between order and chaos:
are things okay or are they sinking into chaos? can we continue as before?
always something new. always even more. more of what?
what is lost to us? how can we change?
how to use our resources?
how to connect the old with the new?
how to fight a just fight for a new kind of order?
without losing the overview…
…without losing ourselves.

shirts ANDA,
trousers MOLIMO 
scarves SCOPE, COCOON and AMAR
and canvas bags KIMI 

“what amazed me was the order of things...
the fact that we wear clothes, that an office has to look a certain way, the whole bit.
it’s amazing how accustomed we have become to a certain order.
and you become more aware of that order when you see something change it.
everybody turns around and stares. but why, really?
rules, orders.
we have ordered things so long in a certain way, we are numb.
nobody dares question it. this is what is wrong...”

Nina Simone

le.sens - hand made in hamburg, germany

when it comes to craftsmanship le.sens stands out as one of the most sophisticated screen printing artisan workshops. we are dedicated to this elaborated process as it allows us to create unique pieces that are not possible to produce in any other way. every step is done by hand - from our special printing process to the finishing touches. that together with our love for detail makes each piece unique.

photography by leonie sens & vlatko kucan
models janine & leslie

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